Love victor season 2 date

Love victor season 2 date

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With four words in the final moments of Love Victor 's season 1 finale, everything changed. Then the screen cut to black, leaving viewers desperate for a second season of the teen comedy.

Everything We Know About "Love, Victor" Season 2

Luckily, a second season has just been ordered by Hulu, per Deadline. A sequel series to 's Love, Simonthe episode series dropped on Hulu June He's also living in constant fear that his religious parents will discover his sexual orientation.

Ahead, everything we know about what season 2 will hold for Victor and company, including what producers have said about addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Deadline reported that Love, Victor season 2 is on the way, nearly two months after its premiere date.

The outlet notes that the series was the most-watched drama on Hulu during is premiere week in mid-June. A post shared by Hulu hulu. Prior to the official renewal, the show's writing team was hard at work on a potential season 2. Deadline reported in February, ahead of the show's premiere, that a writers' room had already been formed to create season 2 storylines.

According to a June interview with Entertainment Weeklywriting the second season has only continued since then. We don't know when we'll be able to make it because of corona, of course, and we're waiting on a formal order from Hulu, but we're very optimistic. If season 2 of Love, Victor wasn't in the cards, viewers would never get a conclusion to one huge cliffhanger. At the end of the first season, Victor is making a lot of life moves at the school dance. He's come out to his close friend Felix Anthony Turpelbut hasn't told anyone else—including his girlfriend Mia.

Victor is determined to give her the night of her dreams, in spite of his ever-growing doubts about dating her. But that plan is ruined when Mia spots Victor kissing his coffee shop co-worker and crush, Benji. Mia seeks refuge with her friend Andrew Mason Goodingwho's been hiding his feelings for her all season long, as well as her father's girlfriend Veronica Sophia Bush. Victor emerges from the Spring Fling ready to tell his parents he's gay, but he's overshadowed by their announcement that they're separating following his mother's infidelity.

love victor season 2 date

At first, Victor is deterred from sharing his secret. But with one final moment of inspiration, he decides to come out to his parents once and for all.Another teen drama, released on the Hulu channel in Juneturned out to be in demand among viewers, despite the banal plot. Now the Internet is full of questions about the release date of Love, Victor season 2 episode 1.

And, unfortunately, the audience, the authors do not comment on the possible continuation of the story. But we can assume that, like most teenage serial films, this project will get new episodes. In chats, where the film is discussed, there are many confirmations about the similarity with the main character and of course questions about whether Love, Victor season 2 will be shown.

Despite the simple staging, the script, the simple characters of the series turned out to be clinging. This is the story of a high school student, torn out of the usual circumstances. Parents do not explain to their children what these changes similar to running away are connected with, justifying themselves by talking about a better place to work.

And Victor himself feels the joy of changing the place and the circle of communication, experiencing vague desires and feelings. The young man hopes that in the new place, he will be able to find clarity and understanding of his life aspirations.

Victor never spoke frankly with his parents. His father was always busy with work.

love victor season 2 date

His mother spent all her time with children. Nothing has changed in the new place. At school one of the first beauties fell in love with him.

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Victor, who faced the main choice in his life, has no one to consult with. But one day he finds a way out: the guy writes a letter to the best school graduate, Simon, and he unexpectedly answers. The endless correspondence helps the main character to cope with doubts, overcome shame, and resolve internal age differences.

Sorry, but no trailer yet. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what happened in season 1. Click to know more!Major spoilers for Love, Victor season 1 below. Love, Victor season 1 follows Victor Michael Cimino as he begins his sophomore year at his new school, Creekwood High.

Victor heard the story of former Creekwood student Simon publicly declaring his love for his now-boyfriend Bram. Victor looks to Simon for guidance on navigating life while juggling his secret. This leaves the door open for plenty of new stories to explore in future seasons. Hulu will need time to analyze viewership before moving forward with a decision on renewal.

Beginning to accept his sexuality will trigger a chain of events back in Creekwood. Since Victor's kiss was pretty clear confirmation, he will likely seek Benji's guidance for living as an out student at Creekwood High. A potential LoveVictor season 2 would likely see Victor beginning to confide in two more people about his sexuality — Felix and his girlfriend Mia.

LOVE, VICTOR Bloopers (2021) Behind the Scenes

Sharing the news with Felix won't change their relationship, but telling his girlfriend Mia absolutely will. Victor comes from a loving, yet very religious family. Coming out to them will be a scary and important milestone for Victor.

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By Brynne Ramella Published Jun 21, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.If you loved the heartwarming and slightly sappy story depicted in the film Love, Simon and are craving some feel-good TV, chances are you've already discovered its new TV spinoff coming from Hulu, Love, Victor.

The story focuses on Victor Salazar as he deals with family drama, newly-formed friendships, and coming to terms with being gay. Through a series of DMs with Simon Spier the titular character from the aforementioned filmhe finally comes out to his family in the season finale, leaving ample room for a second season—should one end up being ordered by Hulu.

Well, congratulations, folks—looks like fans really liked the show, because Deadline announced on Friday that Hulu is giving Love, Victor a second season! Given that the show was the 1 most-watched drama for the site during its premiere week back in June, it makes sense how it was a no-brainer for a season 2 to happen. But what exactly can fans expect this time around?

The good thing is that we have some info on what might be down the pipeline for Victor and company, because there's a lot to catch up on. Looks like there's more to Victor's great love story! LoveVictor is coming back for Season 2, only on hulu! If you stuck around to the end of the season, you probably have a number of lingering questions: Will Mia and Andrew break their sexual tension and get together?

How will Lake and Felix be able to navigate their relationship that's out in the open? And most importantly—now that Victor is out to the most important people in his life, will he and Benji finally start dating? There are loose ends that definitely need some tying up, and hopefully the second season will breathe a new air of stories to tell. LoveVictor pic. And who knows? United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Love, Victor is now streaming on Hulu. The show is a spin-off of the popular film Love, Simon. Here's what we know so far about the second season for the new series. This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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More From Entertainment.Love, Simon fans have been waiting for the long-anticipated sequel to the hit film and now Love, Victor is here to give them a glimpse at life at Creekwood after Simon found love in the first film. In the follow-up series, love is in the air at the school and things are getting pretty complicated for new boy in townVictor, as he tries to figure out more about himself and his identity while trying to fit in at his new school. Although it seems like Simon's story would have made a bigger impact at Creekwood, Victor realizes that not everyone is being themselves at school.

So what's next for Victor and his friends? Will he finally be able to be himself at Creekwood? And will the show come back for a second season? Here's everything you need to know about Love, Victor season 2.

If you're a huge fan of Felix, then you might be excited to hear that his mom will finally be making an appearance in the show's second season. Betsy Brandt is joining the cast as Felix's mom, which means we'll definitely be seeing more of his home life, according to Deadline. Love, Victor season two is officially happening! The big news was announced on the show's social accounts with a cute video featuring all of our favorite characters.

Looks like there's more to Victor's great love story! LoveVictor is coming back for Season 2, only on hulu! Deadline previously reported that a season two's writers room was already open. This means that the show can jump into production as soon as it can. Luckily, this Love, Victor isn't like most teen shows nowadays where we have to worry about our favorite characters surviving the season. It's very likely that we'll be seeing all our favorites like Victor, Felix, Lake, Mia, and Benji back again for another year at Creekwood.

And who can forget about Victor's family as well? With all the drama also surrounding them, there's no doubt that Pilar, Adrian, Armando, and Isabel will also return. Season two will likely pick up where we left off in season one, with Victor and Benji starting their brand new relationship together. Mia was heartbroken to see Victor and Benji together, which will certainly cause some tension between them.

There's also her relationship with Andrew that is up in the air. Meanwhile, Felix and Lake also took a big step in their relationship, but will it last past the dance? Guess we'll have to wait to find out! As with most television productions, it's a little hard to tell when our favorite shows will be back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, if the show is able to start production right away, there's a good chance that fans will only have to wait a year to find out what happens next to their favorite Creekwood students. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Is season two of Love, Victor happening?It's here! The long-awaited Love, Simon spin-off series, Love, Victorlanded on Hulu back in June and fans already can't get enough of it. The series follows Victor Salazar Michael Ciminoa teenager who moves to a new city and finds himself on a journey of self-discovery all while trying to juggle challenges at home and adapting to a new school.

Simon Spier also plays a part in Victor's journey, helping him navigate the ups and downs of high school. With only 10 episodes, season 1 has left fans wanting more — and that cliffhanger in the final episode has got us all dying to see what happens next in Victor's life. The good news is that it looks like season 2 is already underway and has been confirmed. Entertainment Weekly reports that a "writer's room has already been assembled" for the follow up so, without further ado, here's everything we know about Love, Victor season 2 so far Love, Victor season 2 has been confirmed for Hulu, and a writers room is well underway.

love victor season 2 date

Season 2 might not be released for at least another year or so, though Season 1 was filmed in August and aired 10 months later in June. Season 2 could arrive at some point next summer, but that all depends on when production is safe enough to begin.

It's likely that we could be looking at a mid-to-late release date. I really needed to wait to let this sink in. Love Simon has changed my life in so many more days than one.

This has definitely been the highlight of and quite possibly the highlight of my life. Thank you everyone for pouring your hearts and souls into this whether you were on or off camera. Love, Michael. We may even see some new characters in season 2. Maybe Nick Robinson will make a bigger cameo as Simon? Or perhaps some of the other characters from Love, Simon will show up?

Here's a CreekSecret: no matter their reputation, everyone here is still finding themselves. Well, first of all, let's talk about that cliffhanger.

Season 2 will likely pick up shortly after the ending of season 1, where Victor comes out to his family. Will this have an affect on how his parents deal with their separation? The follow-up season will probably delve into that, and focus on Victor's home life, as well as his new relationship with Benji.

Victor and Benji!

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It's happening! Mia will likely have a lot of feelings about her relationships with Victor and Andrew. Will there be tension between her and Victor?

love victor season 2 date

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